Patient Wellness and Health, and Support for Doctors and Nurses

GADOmed’s Mission is the research and promotion of unique, safe and reliable medical and electro-medical devices, duly patented and of proven efficacy.
With its wide range of electro-medical devices, medical devices and services, GADOmed works to contribute to patient health, improving care thanks to the support of doctors and nurses.
GADOmed deploys the expertise and specialisation of its professionals. Its in-house Research & Development department constantly collaborates with multinational companies and external research groups from highly prestigious Italian and foreign organisations and institutes.
GADOmed’s daily commitment to developing products and services for personal health includes a tendency towards innovation, a passion for science, and attention and interest in the needs of patients.

Gadomed S.r.l., within its organisational scope and its activities:

The supply of wholesale medical devices and the installation and maintenance of air and water treatment systems, technical assistance for electro-medical systems, and microbiological analysis of air and water.

Is actively committed to service quality and the protection of the environment.
To achieve these objectives, senior management – with the support of all staff – undertakes to:
– implement and maintain an environmental management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001;
– determine and satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers;
– pay attention to the needs and expectations of all parties involved in the company’s business, including workers, suppliers, the territory and Public Administration;
– seek parties interested in the creation of a constructive and open collaboration relationship;
– develop competence and efficiency in service supply;
– promote sharing and support within the company for management system development;
– assign specific quality and environment tasks and responsibilities to the various company functions;
– provide training courses aimed at improving staff cultural and professional levels;
– satisfy explicit and/or implicit applicable requirements and their compliance obligations;
– continuously improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system and the environmental performance;
– protect the environment by reducing activity impact;
– improve waste management, with special attention to separation and retrieval;
– ensure the availability of equipment, machinery and transport to ensure the quality of service, energy consumption reduction and the reduction of atmospheric emissions;
– exercise caution when using dangerous substances, optimise consumption and replace where possible with non-dangerous substances;
– prevent all forms of air, water and soil pollution;
– supervise the consumption of resources to study the possibility of reducing loss, waste and anomalies;
– establish environmental growth objectives, periodically monitor progress and communicate the results to all staff to ensure their involvement.


The management confirms its commitment to communicate its Environmental Policy within the organisation and make it available to all interested parties, as well as to periodically analyse the policy itself and assess its adequacy or the need for any changes.

Our Quality Policy lays down management company development guidelines that target strategic objectives. These include the continuous improvement of services, business process efficiency, economic profitability and the well-being of everyone involved.
Bearing in mind the particular market in which the Company operates, the rapid changes that affect it and constant technological evolution, customer satisfaction may only result from excellent efficiency, reliability, performance, safety, technological innovation and a good name, as well as a balanced quality-price ratio.

In consideration of the above, the management undertakes to achieve these intentions by:
• maintaining and periodically reviewing its organisation system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 and connected to the environmental management system conforming to UNI EN ISO 14001. This system is designed to achieve continuous improvement of services and to maintain the primary objective of customer satisfaction levels;
• periodically reviewing the suitability of the quality policy, circulating it both internally and externally to all interested parties;
• guaranteeing the availability of the necessary personnel in possession of the appropriate skills and adequate equipment;
• initiating activities based on appropriate risk assessment and the opportunities stemming from the company’s operating context.

The following points are therefore deemed to be essential:
• Guaranteed commitment to the impartiality of its activities;
• Guaranteed client information protection;
• Achieving training levels and staff awareness as per company principles, the objectives to be achieved and the awareness of the importance of everyone’s contribution;
• The definition of objectives consistent with the company situation; quantifiable and suitable for continuous improvement of the Quality Assurance System.
• Research and market distribution of the highest quality products and latest technologies, with the best cost/benefit ratios to improve results in patient care;
• The establishment and continuous strengthening of a team with whom to relate with respect, fairness and trust to obtain a professional, efficient, stimulating and, at the same time, serene working environment for each one. To help the job give personal fulfilment and satisfaction, the management intends to provide its collaborators opportunities for improvement by encouraging professional training and allowing each person to realise their full potential in terms of skills and creativity.


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16145 – Genova
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